2015 Season Is Upon Us: New Event and Series


For 2015, the BVI Triathlon Federation has added a new event – Try VG – and the ‘Four Islands Cup’ – a ‘best of five’ points series with Garmin prizes for the top three mens and ladies individuals.

2015 Calendar

Try-A-Tri unofficially kicks off the 2015 BVI triathlon season on January 24, but the TSC Tri on February 8 is the first event of the Four Islands Cup. October 10 will see the inaugural ”Try VG” in Virgin Gorda.

The full 2015 calendar:

Jan 24 – Try-A-Tri

Feb 8 – TSC Corporate Cup

Mar 21 – X-Tri

Apr 11 – National Sprint Champs

Jun 6 – Peter Island-Athlon

Oct 10 – Try VG

Nov 1 – Semi-Steel

Nov 28 – BVI Steelman

Four Islands Cup

The Four Islands Cup is a new series comprising the seven main events of the 2015 BVI triathlon year starting with the TSC Corporate Cup on February 8.

The top three men and ladies will win a Garmin Fenix 3, Forerunner 310XT, and Forerunner 10 respectively. These individual mens and ladies winners will be scored with their best results from five events.


The races will be scored as follows:

1st – 15 points

2nd – 11 points

3rd – 8 points

4th – 6 points

5th – 4 points

6th – 3 points

7th – 2 points

8th – 1 points

All starters receive one bonus point. All starters finishing the BVI Steelman will receive a 5-point bonus.