Start Time – Swimmers must be ready at 5am to go from the transition area at Admiral's Bar (the "Transition Area") to go in designated cars to Smuggler's Cove.The swim will start at first light from Smuggler's Cove, which we expect will be approximately 5:20am. 

The Transition Area will be open from 4:30am.


Please register as soon as possible as this assists us  with ordering caps and generally preparing for the event.

We will have a final registration session at the Tortola Sports Club on Friday, 28 May 2021 between 5-6pm. This is the final day for registration.

For all queries leading up to race day, please contact:


Entry fee is $75 per person whether entering as an individual or as part of a team.

BVI Triathlon Federation is not organising the event to make a profit. The entry fee is intended to cover a limited edition BVI 70.2 cap (for each participant), water on the course, photography, VISAR and other incidental costs. Any surplus funds will be donated to VISAR. 

Want to participate but don’t have a team?

Complete the registration form and fill in the details and BVI TRI will connect you with other athletes.

Training / Course Preview

Please keep an eye on the BVI Triathlon Federation Facebook page for details of prep swims and runs of the course in advance of race day.


The swim course is 1.9km in total and will be broken down into loops of Smuggler’s Cove. 

On completion of each loop, swimmers will be required to exit the water to pass through a gate on the beach and then re-enter the water for consecutive loops. The required number of loops is expected to be three (3), however, subject to weather conditions on the day, four (4) smaller loops may be required.

Each swimmer is required to wear goggles and a swim cap. We will have some spare caps if needed. 

In the event of difficulty, swimmers are to remove their swim cap and wave it in the air – this will alert our volunteers on paddle boards and on the beach to provide assistance. 

Any relay teams may "tag" a team mate following the swim in order to complete the run to the Transition Area. There will be a designated relay zone at Smugglers.

  If you need water after your swim, then please organise your own.All athletes must leave a transition bag next to their towel etc. Volunteers will then pack up your towel, goggles, morning clothes etc and bring it to the Transition Area for you to collect after the race cut off time of 1pm. Please do not leave anything valuable in your transition bag. Travel light.

70.2 swim

Following completion of the swim, participants transition by running from Smuggler’s Cove around Steel Point to the Transition Area where bikes are racked.

The transition distance is 3.4 km and will be deducted from the run course (i.e. the final run will be 17.7 km. 21.1km – 3.4 km = 17.7 km).

Any relay teams will need to tag each other in the Transition Area – there will be a designated relay zone.

70.2 transition 1

The bike course is 90km and a non-drafting event. This means that participants cannot sit in the drafting zone of another cyclist unless overtaking within 15 seconds. The drafting zone is 10m long, which is taken from the front wheel of the bike to the front wheel of the following bike.

Please respect the non-drafting rules to ensure a fair race. The non-drafting rules will be enforced and time penalties will be applied to drafting offenders. 

Bike racks will be set up in the Transition Area - all bikes must be racked when not in use (no bikes are to be left lying on the ground). 

You can ride your road, TT or MTB bike.

The bike course will be five loops between the west end and Hannah Bay, as follows:

  • Start at the Transition Area heading east
  • Turn left onto the bridge
  • Turn right (crossing the traffic – LOOK BOTH WAYS!!) and continue towards 
  • E&B Convenience Store at Hannah Bay. When turning, athletes must enter the car park and then rejoin the main road in order to turn right. Each participant must enter the car park in order to have a clear sight of traffic each way. Again, you will be crossing traffic – LOOK BOTH WAYS!!)
  • Then head back towards the West End Ferry Dock, turning at the cone/painted markings. 
  • On the final and fifth turn at E&B Convenience Store at Hannah Bay, after turning atheletes should then head directly to the Transition Area (do not proceed to the West End Ferry Dock).

Water stop: West End Ferry Dock turn around point. Cyclists must re-fill their own water bottles from the water dispensers provided / or make their own arrangements. Participants must not leave any water bottles on the ground/table/anywhere to be collected by volunteers. Participants are responsible for their own water bottles / litter.

Each cyclist is required to wear a helmet and, for the avoidance of doubt, the roads are open to traffic at all times. Obeying road rules and self-preservation are a must!

Each cyclist is responsible for carrying their own repair kit (e.g. tubes, pump, tools).

Any relay teams will need to tag each other in the Transition Area – there will be a designated relay zone.

The final run course is a flat 17.7 km and will be broken into four (4) loops of Sopers Hole/West End Ferry Dock.

The run loop/course is in an "H" shape as follows:

  • Leave the Transition Area heading east
  • Turn left onto the bridge
  • Turn left heading to the West End Ferry Dock
  • U-turn at the West End Ferry Dock cone/painted markings (approximately 600m west of the bridge)
  • Head east towards town until you get to the turning cone/painted markings,  by the West End Police Station
  • U-turn heading west and turn left onto the bridge
  • Head east towards Frenchman's Cay Resort
  • U turn at the turning cone/painted markings, continue passed the Transition Area to the turning cone at Omar’s restaurant
  • U-turn at the turning cone/painted markings at Omar’s restaurant and run to the Transition Area.
  • This completes loop one.
  • Repeat until four (4) loops completed and then head through the coned off finishing line at Admiral's Bar!!!!!

Water stop: Admiral's Bar/on the road next to the Transition Area

Key Contacts On Race Day

For any emergency medical assistance on race day please contact VISAR +1 284 499 0911

For any urgent assistance on race day please contact: Christian Hidalgo +1 284 542 8373

Our awesome race day directors are: Mara Spencer (+1284 340 3116), Antony Spencer (+1284 542 7714), Christian Hidalgo, Nellie Morgan and Russell Crumpler.


Water will be provided via water dispensers at the organised drink stops (lbeing the Transition Area and West End Ferry Dock).

Cups will be available in the Transition Area. In relation to the bike course, each participant is required to use a reusable water bottle. Please no one-use plastic bottles. Go green!

All participants are to organise their own gels, Powerade and/or other nutrition.


The roads will be open to traffic during this event.. Please ensure that road rules are obeyed at all times and you are aware of traffic around– self-preservation!

VISAR will be mobile on the course.

Outside Assistance

Except for assistance provided at the designated water stops (i.e. team members assisting with nutrition and/or fluid), no outside assistance is to be provided to participants. Obviously, this does not apply to a medical issue.

Athlete Marking

Athletes will be required to wear a race belt.On the bike, the number bib must be visible on your back when cycling. On the run: the number bib must be visible on your front. Helmet stickers will also be provided. .

Any teams will be given two number bibs for the bike and run.

Cut-Off Times

We are running this event with the help of our superstar volunteers and VISAR, so we MUST have cut-off times.

Swim: 6:30am

Bike: 11:15am

Run: 1pm


Swim: 1.9km (Smuggler's Cove loops)

Bike: 90km (West End to Nanny Cay Loops)

Run: 21.1km (West End loops)

Base / transition: The Admirals Bar


  • Individual female
  • Individual male
  • Team (2 or 3 people)

Start time: 5:20am


If you’re keen to participate, please register your interest (so we can get a rough idea of numbers) as either an individual entry or as part of a team.  If you're look to join team, register which leg you would like to do here.

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.

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