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The Semi Steel, is a precursor to the BVI Steelman, and takes place at Beef Island. The event comprises a 500 metre swim held in Well Bay, a 12.5-mile bike leg lapping the road from the airport to the ramparts of Beef Island Bridge, and ends in a three-mile run along the roads and trails of Beef Island.

A kids event will follow the adult race.

Next event:
Sunday, November 1, 2015 – 7.30am

Friday, October 30, 5.15-6.00pm, Tortola Sports Club

(Or with Tash Ruscheinski at Deloitte offices during week)

Entry Fee:


The Course & Rules

Athletes of all ages and abilities are encouraged to take part and enjoy the triathlon, competing either individually or a part of a team.

NOTE: Solo athletes are responsible for setting up their own Transition stops before the start of the race. The equipment will be looked after at these stops.

1. THE SWIM Tri-athletes start the swim in Well Bay, Beef Island, at 7.30am promptly. The swimmers head straight for the slipway to the Airport highway. (NOTE. Please keep the slipway clear. Bikes must be left on grass to the side of the slipway, or on the opposite side of the road leaning against the airport fence)

TRANSITION 1 Team swimmers tag their Biker at the top of the slipway. Solo competitors change on the grass by the side of the slipway.

2. THE BIKE – 4 LAPS From the swim exit ramp start left towards Beef Island bridge then make a U-turn at the entrance to Little Mountain Estate and head back towards the airport. Do not take the airport access road but rather continue straight along the main road to where it bends 90 degree to the  left, at which point riders make another U-turn by the junction with the old road to Minine’s Nursey. Riders then start the first lap heading back towards Beef Island bridge. Riders complete four laps to the Little Mount Estate junction and back finishing the bike at the Minine’s nursery junction.

TRANSITION 2 Team cyclists tag their runners on the grass at the Minine’s nursery junction. Solo competitors change in this area.

3. RUN Runners head along the old airport road in the Beef Island bridge direction for 700 metres. At the junction with the new airport road runners turn right and head back towards the airport. Runners take the left turn along the  airport access road past the airport terminal building. At the T-junction at the end of the access road runners go straight across the junction and over the small wooden footbridge and footpath heading to Trellis Bay. Runners then follow the gravel road to the right circling around the back of the Cyber café and back to the main road where they turn left to the run start at Minine’s Nursery junction. Runners complete three laps of the course. (Note. There is a time limit set for finishing the first leg of the run by 6.00pm. Runners will not be allowed to complete the course if they finish the first leg after this time).

No drafting will be allowed in the race. Mountain bikes,and road bikes allowed. Cyclists must wear a helmet. Aero bars allowed.[/column]