Youth Triathlon development and competition dates for 2013

We are focusing the development events on all youth 16 and under (age on Dec 31st 2013).  There will be extra focus on children born January 1st, 1998 through December 31st, 1999 as directed by the BVIOC for further development towards the Youth Commonwealth Games which will be held in Samoa in 2015.

This year we have organized FREE bussing for 20-30 youth from a designated school which will be announced as the specific event date approaches.  If you have a child that is interested in these events and you have transport issues please contact Chris Ghiorse.

16-Markids comp 1st eventTrellis Bay
30-Markids training s-b-rNanny Cay
7 April - X-trikids training s-b-rSmuggler's Cove
20 April - National Sprint Champskids comp 2nd eventSandy Spit W.E.
4-Maykids training s-b-rSandy Spit W.E.
18-Maykids training s-b-rSandy Spit W.E.
8-Junkids 3rd event and final titleSandy Spit W.E.(medals awarded)
June 22 - Olympic days-b-r solidarity for alllocation TBA
16 November - Steelmankids fun compWell Bay Beef Island
7 December - Santathonkids fun compNanny Cay