Dickies Duos Event #4

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Congratulations to everyone who took part this morning.  It was fantastic to see so many of you out there – 18 for the swim and 19 for the run is a new record for Dickie’s Duos.

Well done to James and Tash, our winners today and to Hayley, who flew through the field in her debut race to finish second.  Well done to Adrian for managing to fight off the young contender this week, snatching third from Mitchell’s grasp. 

Commiserations to Cat who was hot on Tash’s heels out of the water but managed a fairly spectacular fall on the run, covering nearly every inch of tri-suit in mud.  We’re glad to say that she wasn’t too badly hurt.  Special mention goes to Mr Willmott for valiantly carrying on in the face of adversity, pushing on with the run even after his caution for indecent exposure.  As Peter rightly pointed out, the police seemed far less concerned by Kay’s Baywatch outfit.

Our next race is the series finale – 9 March, starting at 4pm.  The race will be longer – 400m (ish) swim and 10km run.  Eight days before San Juan, it will be a nice final stretch of the legs for your taper.  For those not going to SJ, it will be a good opportunity to push for the lead against people who might be trying not to push it too hard.

Tash has a fairly huge advantage in the ladies’ series and only Kay could take the win from her, but second and third are wide open.  In the mens’ series it is still anyone’s guess who will lift the trophy.

Men’s Standings After 4 Events

Race 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Total
Stefano Tasking665926
Dan Mitchell088723
Peter Willmott790622
Adrian Dale009817
James Shearman1000010
Tom Sarginson0100010
John Argyos0010010
James Carr0001010
Alex Jarvis90009
Russell Crumpler80008
Reuben Stoby07007
Adam DeMonte00707
Tom Parish00606
Sam Ouricah05005
Timothy Escott00055
Jim Cullimore00404
Chris Ghiorse00044

Women’s Standings After 4 Events

Race 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Total
Tash Ruscheinski61071033
Kay Reddy099826
Tia Beckman908623
Kat Crumpler10010020
Joanna Dunne080715
Jenny McCleary046212
Hayley Berry00099
Kirsten Spencer80008
Cat Ouriach07007
Dara Smith70007
Gillian Howe06006
Kate McCleary05005
Stefanie Clout00055
Katie Wilter00044
Chantel Marchant00033