BVITF Youth Development Event 1: Report and Results

By Chris Ghiorse


On Saturday March 16th, 27 young and enthusiastic competitors, all of who were under 14, gathered at Trellis Bay, Beef Island to take part in the first triathlon youth development event of the season which was hosted by BVI Triathlon Federation (BVITF) and BSAFE.

Last year I felt that many children were stuck at home when they wanted desperately to attend the events I was hosting.  This year the BVITF is focusing on providing children free transport from a designated location, to get to each event we have scheduled on the calendar.

I think the biggest reason these races are so much fun for everyone is due to the community effort being made by all involved; from the parents/guardians and volunteers who help with a variety of tasks to Karl Scatliffe’s bussing, it truly would not be possible without their commitment.

Since these events are designed to help learn about triathlons I like to keep everything very short.  My primary concern at this stage is safety for all.

From the events we have scheduled this year I hope to find a few keen individuals who will want to start specific training for triathlons.   This is a new sport and from my experience our biggest challenge is going to be swimming.  Swimming is the shortest leg of triathlons, but without some experience in the water you can’t even get to the next leg.

The next youth event will be held on Saturday March 30th at the same Trellis Bay Beach location.  We will start at 7:30am.   We will be hosting a training day aimed at introducing triathlon concepts (swim, bike, run and transitions) to all children under 17.  We are trying to encourage participation, regardless of their individual ambitions.

For more Youth Triathlon information please contact Chris at 542-1981 or [email protected].


RESULTS for Event 1 Youth Development Triathlon 16 March 2013

Under 8 and Under 11 individuals and relays run simultaneously (14 compettitors)

Under 8

1st     Gethin Jones    (7th o.a.)                    5:50 boy
2nd     Hannah Bridson     (13th o.a.)                7:05 girl
Participated Catherine Anthony  (swim-run) only 5 years old

Under 11 individual all boys

1st     Dominic Munro                        4:29
2nd     Jelani Lewis                         5:36
3rd    Bradford Green                        5:45
4th     Lawton Green                        6:12
5th     Tai Thomas                        6:13

Under 11 relay all tagged off of Jelani Lewis or Bradford Green swim

1st      J’mari Duhaney                        4:47 boy
2nd      Aneil Caines                        4:50 boy
3rd     Demani  Cupid                        5:37 boy
4th     Rennisha Rodgers                    6:25 girl
5th     Jhaniqua Collymore                    6:54 girl
6th     Ebonique Crooke                        9:35 girl

Under 14 Individuals and relays run simultaneously

Under 14 individual

1st     Kaheem Callwood                    4:52 boy
2nd       Kadeem Callwood                    4:57 boy
3rd     Charlotte Mason                        6:00 girl
4th    Keron Matthew                        9:30 boy
5th    Shakudo Pickering                    5:36 boy

Under 14 relays Keron Matthew was  swimmer for bike-runners (2nd – 6th )

1st     Nicole Munro- Lucy Mobbs-Tallulah Kinkead          3:55 all girls (fastest time of day)
2nd     Keon Frederick                        3:58 boy
3rd     Jamoi Bertham                        4:48 boy
4th     Wayne O’Neal                        4:48 boy
5th     Dejaughn Duncan                        4:50 boy
6th     Antoine MacMillan                    4:53 boy

All comers run-bike-run (duathlon) 15 competitors

1st     Tallulah Kinkead                        3:28 girl
2nd     Dominic Munro                         3:45 boy
3rd    Keon Frederick                        4:00boy
4th     J’mari Duhaney                        4:00 boy
5th     Kaheem Callwood                     4:21 boy
6th     Wayne O’Neal                        4:29 boy
7th    Jamoi Bertham                        4:30 boy
8th     Kadeem Callwood                    4:30 boy
9th    Aneil Caines                        5:29 boy
10th    Gethin Jones                         5:29 boy
11th    D’Mani Cupid                        5:29 boy
12th     Rennisha Rodgers                    6:00 girl
13th     Antoine MacMillan                    6:40 boy
DNF    Shakudo Pickering
DNF     Ebobnique Crooke