Third Youth Development event held

Duathlon start in the sand

Duathlon start in the sand

On Saturday April 21st, 30 young aspiring triathletes gathered at Trellis Bay, Beef Island to take part in the 3rd youth development event hosted by the BVI Triathlon Federation (BVITF) and BSAFE.  Children under 15 with interest in any portion of the triathlon – swim, bike, or run – were encouraged to participate regardless of their individual ambitions.

The Trellis Bay area is proving to be an excellent venue for encouraging kids to give the triathlon a try.  “We seem to building a core of about 15 – 20 kids who have participated in all three events with the rest the competitors trying out the discipline for the first time,” said BVI Triathlon Federation director, Chris Ghiorse.  “By keeping the events free, open to all, very short and fun I hope to help the idea of doing triathlons as a sport develop.   With each follow up event we have done I have seen one or two more kids who came out only to ride or run in a relay the first time, then try their hand at the whole thing in the next event.  We have so many volunteers helping out and encouraging these youngsters that I have a great feeling about the future of triathloning here.”

The day started with three age group relays to get everyone warmed up and understanding the course the individuals would face.   Most of the relays comprised of a few swimmers tagging multiple riders that were also interested in running.   In the under 15 age group there were no swimmers so a duathlon was run  – which is also a world recognized competition although not an Olympic one.

Chris added: “In retrospect it was good we held the event at the same location because it showed me that the kids who have been to a few events have learned a few things which helped improve their times.  Nearly everyone did the same distance 10 to 20 seconds quicker.  For me the highlight of the day was seeing 6 year old Deandrea Baijnauth ride across the sand like he was riding on pavement he was behind everyone and ended up first into the transition to the run.  The sand is really tricky and his ride really stood out in my mind.”

We have had three great events because of all the volunteers who come out to help.  The BVI Triathlon Federation like to thank all the volunteers and parents who turned up to make this event run smoothly.  Rochelle and Grant who made a huge effort to get kids pre-registered so competitors arriving on the day were able to find a team to swim, ride or run for easily; Victoria, Ms. Potter and Anna for recording results at the finish line; the “radio course marshals” Richard, Orano, Nels and Mobbsy; and water marshals Ross and Peter. Thanks go out again  to Boardsailing BVI and Aragorn’s Studios who have been so accommodating when we take over their beach front for a few hours.

The fourth youth development event will be held on Saturday May 19th at Trellis Bay. Registration starts at 8:00am, the first race will start at 9:00am.   Event number 5 will be held on Saturday June 23rd, which will be tied into all the special events done for Olympic Solidarity.  We are already planning on making that a special day so mark your calendars now!

For more Youth Triathlon information please contact Chris at 542-1981 or [email protected].