BVITF Youth Development Event 2: Report and Results

Under 15 Relay- start of the bike leg in the sand

Under 15 Relay- start of the bike leg in the sand

On Saturday March 17th, 37 young aspiring triathletes gathered at Trellis Bay, Beef Island to take part in the 2nd youth development event hosted by the BVI Triathlon Federation (BVITF) and BSAFE.  Children under 15 with interest in any portion of the triathlon – swim, bike, or run – were encouraged to participate regardless of their individual ambitions.

“We had the about the same number of competitors as the first event, but with a few new faces mixed in as well.   I found it very encouraging that so many children came out,” said organiser, Chris Ghiorse.

The day started with three age group relays to get everyone warmed up and understanding the course the individuals would face.   Most of the relays comprised of a few swimmers tagging multiple riders that were also interested in running.    A few of these team competitors said they would like to do the whole thing next time around once they saw how short the swim was.

Most of the swimmers for the relays then took part in their age group individual event.  There were 12 individuals in the under 11 and it was really exciting watching the swimmers race for the first turn.

The idea behind keeping the events very short is that it keeps the kids focused on being competitive there are no insurmountable leads generated in any leg, so everyone keeps trying  right to the line.  Many of the finish times were less than a few seconds apart.

“Trellis Bay is the perfect location for this type of development event, there was a good rhythm to the layout of the course and having radios to communicate with all the volunteers made the event that much safer and easier to run.  It was great that Boardsailing BVI and Aragorn’s Studios were so accommodating when we took over their beach front for a few hours.

We have had two great events because of all the volunteers who come out to help,” added Chris.  “I would like to thank all the volunteers and parents who turned up to make this event run smoothly.  Rochelle and Grant who made a huge effort to get kids pre-registered so competitors arriving on the day were able to find a team to swim, ride or run for easily; Rotaractors Christian and Petal recording results at the finish line with Angelle, who also doubled up as photographer for the day; the radio course marshals – Ken, Richard, Orano and Mobsy; and water marshals Ross and Peter.”

The 3rd youth development event will be held on Saturday April 21st at Trellis Bay.   Registration starts at 8:00am, the first race will start at 9:00am.   Events 4 and 5 will be held on Saturday May 19th and Saturday June 23rd the venues have yet to be determined.

If you wish to see all 168 photos Angelle Cameron managed to take during the event please visit:

For more Youth Triathlon information please contact Chris at 542-1981 or [email protected].

And they're off - Under 11 individual start

And they're off - Under 11 individual start

RESULTS for Event 2 Youth Development Triathlon


Under 8 and Under 11 Relay teams run at the same time 1 lap(names listed in order of swim-bike-run)

1st             Lawton Green – Sam Childs – Liam Blok                               4:01 all boys U11

2nd           Bradford Green – Jahmal Bertie (bike-run)                            4:35 all boys mix U8&U11

3rd            Nicole Munro – Tallulah Kinkead (bike-run)                       4:39 all girls U11

4th            Bradford Green –  Andrian Baijnauth (bike-run)                   5:18 all boys mix U8&U11

5th            Ajaalee Malone (swim-bike) – Ajaanii Malone                     6:46 all boys U11

6th            Hannah Bridson – Alex Richards – Hannah Bridson         6:54 all girls U8


Under 15 Relays 2 laps  (names listed in order of swim-bike-run)

1st             Dekembe Parsons – Da’Sean Jones (bike-run)                   8:19 all boys

2nd           Dekembe Parsons – Judah Bertie – John Pettigrew          8:24 all boys

3rd            William Richards – Leo Forte – William Richards             8:44 all boys

4th            Dekembe Parsons – Layman Johnny – Sheneal Dabreo 9:12 mix boy-girl

5th            Dekembe Parsons – Denovté Prentice (bike-run)               9:32 all boys

6th            Giovanni Wells – D’quan Christopher (bike-run)               9:51 all boys


Under 8 Individuals 1 lap

1st             Bradford Green                                    5:42 boy

2nd           Ella Tekeli                                             5:51 girl

3rd            Connor Maccallum                            7:56 boy

4th            Noah Cottreau                                     8:04 boy


Under 11 Individuals 1 lap

1st             Derek Pettigrew                                  4:19 boy

2nd           Liam Blok                                              4:23 boy

3rd            Sam Childs                                            4:58 boy

4th            John Pettigrew                                     5:04 boy

5th            Dominic Munro                                   5:29 boy

6th            Alex Richards                                       5:44 girl

7th            Pablo Wells                                           6:08 boy

8th            Lawton Green                                       6:10 boy

9th            Alisha Ayres                                          6:24 girl

10th         Lucie Mobbs                                           6:35 girl

11th         Shakudo Pickering                              7:32 boy

12th         Shakeba Pickering                              9:05 girl


Under 15 Individuals 2 laps

1st             Jude Kinkead                                         7:51 boy

2nd           William Richards                                7:52 boy

3rd            Dekembe Parsons                              8:02 boy

4th            Joseph Wells                                         9:27 boy

Retired  after swim Yahkhushi Williams