Brewer’s Bruiser

By Antony Spencer

Wild, wet and windy conditions at the Brewer’s Bay Aquathon saw the field slim down to the “diehards” of BVI aquathon with the testing encounter boiling down to intense duels between running queen Kay Reddy and newcomer Rachel Mayo Smith in the ladies event, and super tuff Adrian “John McClane” Dale and the Chorpedo, Antony Spencer.

In stormy conditions Drone Ace Abrehart battled to stay airborne as the racers battered through waves on the first laps of the swim. Seeking safety in numbers the convoy of Kay, “McClane” Dale and Rachel kept each in line of sight whilst the Chorpedo gambled all on a fast start.

Into the run with Chorpedo in the lead, competitors were in for a surprise with the flat course winding through picturesque ruins and woods before ramping up a steep gradient to the turnaround. The second swim leg mirrored the first with the Chorpedo valiantly holding position in the maelstrom in front of a charging flotilla led by full speed ahead Adrian, with Rachel and Kay snapping at his heels.

The final leg saw Adrian turn on the afterburners in hot pursuit of the water logged Chorpedo whilst Kay and Rachel marked each other stride for stride both eyeing each other for any sign of weakness. In the end the angry seas, high pace and challenging gradients took their toll with Rachel impressively storming ahead to win the ladies event. In the mens event Die Hard Dale charged hard for the finish but ran out of miles as a flagging Chorpedo held on to the line.


TOTAL TIMESwim 1 timeRun 1 TimeRun 1 FinishSwim 2 timeSwim 2 finishRun 2 timeRun finish
#Mens Long Course
1Antony Spencer61:32:0013:0514:4830:03:0014:32:0044:35:0015:00:0061:32:00
2Adrian Dale67:05:0016:1614:5932:41:0018:09:0050:50:0014:50:0067:05:00
Ladies Long Course
1Rachel Mayo Smith67:23:0016:1315:4633:37:0017:49:0051:26:0014:40:0067:23:00
2Kay Reddy68:45:0016:0715:5333:36:0017:37:0051:13:0016:05:0068:45:00