Virgin Gorda Aquathon Moves To Tortola!

Virgin Gorda Aquathon moves to Tortola

The Virgin Gorda Aquathon, taking place on October 16, will now be held at Brewer’s Bay, Tortola!

After a frustrating recce to Virgin Gorda this weekend, the BVI Triathlon Federation’s Antony Spencer, deemed all potential (easily and cheaply) publicly accessible venues unsuitable for an aquathon.

The race, second event in the 2016 Aquathon Championships, will now take place at Brewer’s Bay, Tortola, at 4pm.

The race will have two distance options, but those competing for national aquathon champion glory must complete the longer course.

Short Course is two legs: 400 metre swim/1.33 mile run.  Open to individuals only.

Long Course is four legs: 800 metre swim/2 mile run/800 metre swim/2 mile run.  Open to individuals and teams (any number in a team up to a total of 4 persons).

Race starts at 4.00pm, a kids event will follow at 5.30pm.

Sign up at Tortola Sports Club at 5.15pm-6.00pm on Friday, Oct, 14. US$10 entrance fee for adults. Kids are free. 

Place points for series:

1st – 16
2nd – 12
3rd –  9
4th – 7
5th – 5
6th – 4
7th – 3
8th- 2
9th – 1

There will be a cooler of beer for post-race refreshment, bring your own food.

The is the second event in the three race series.  The last event will take place at Peter Island on Saturday, November 19.