Peter Island-Athlon Challenge


The Peter Island-Athlon Challenge and youth development event will take place on Sunday, May 12th, 2013.  Competitors have a choice of three different individual events:

•    Islander Challenge “A”: Half-mile kayak, five-mile hilly mountain bike, two-mile flatter run
•    Islander Challenge “B”: Half-mile swim, five-mile hilly mountain bike, two-mile flatter run
•    Islander Challenge “2.0”: One-mile swim, ten-mile hilly mountain bike, five-mile hilly run

Due to ferry limitations space is limited to 5 individuals for Challenge “A” and 15 individuals Challenge “B” and “2.0”   Off road tires and at least a 24X32 or smaller gear are recommended for bikes.

Youth Development Event

There will also be a a youth development triathlon – The Deadman’s Beach Blast – which will comprise a 50-meter swim, one-mile bike, quarter-mile run.  The youth development event will be run while swimmers for the “2.0” are still in the water.

Awards and the famous Peter Island Breakfast will be immediately after event for all participants and volunteers.

Please pre-register with Chris at 346-5287 or email [email protected] by Sunday May 5th.  The Peter Island ferry leaves 6:00am from Peter Island Ferry Dock.