Crumplers Crowned Champs in National Sprint Triathlon


Crumplers crowned champs

In the 12th annual National Sprint Championships, a sprint distance triathlon, husband and wife team Russell and Kat Crumpler cleaned up in their respective mens and ladies divisions in their first BVI triathlon competition. Russell completed the 750-metre swim, 20-kilometre bike ride and a five-kilometre run in one hour and 19 minutes and 44 seconds and his wife the same distance in 1 hour, 23 minutes and 5 seconds.  This event, which was held on Saturday at Sandy Spit, Soper’s Hole, saw record attendance with 10 in the men’s division, 7 in the ladies division, and 10 teams.

Last year’s individuals winner defended their titles but both lost their crowns.  Richard Morgan, was second coming in 45 seconds after Crumpler and Adrian Dale was third, nipping at Morgan’s heels and only 24 seconds behind at the finish. 2012 ladies champ, Kay Reddy, was kept from the podium this year by a bevy of new triathletes and placed fourth.  Gillian Howe was second, a mere 18 seconds behind Crumpler, and Natasha Ruscheinski was third.

Team Pacific Dragon (Hayley Berry, Dan Mitchell, Mark Jones) cleaned up in their division, finishing just under three minutes ahead of Deloitte 2 who, in turn, were two minutes ahead of Deloitte 3.

Richard Morgan, off-form with injury, can seek solace in the fact that Crumpler was one minute and 35 seconds short of his 2012 winning time.  However, both are some way off Chris Ghiorse’s 2011 winning time of 1 hour, 13 minutes and 13 seconds.

The men’s times need to improve to match the record pace being set in the ladies division which are are getting faster each year. In 2012 Kay Reddy took the BVI Sprint Champs title by obliterating the 2011 winning time set by Carolina Pettigrew by 4 minutes and 46 seconds.  Kat Crumpler’s took the winning time forward again this year knocking another 2 minutes and 57 seconds off the previous course record.

Summary Results (Full results with splits)

PositionMens indiviudal
1Russell Crumpler1 hr 19m 44 s
2Richard Morgan1 hr 20m 29s
3Adrian Dale1 hr 20m 53s
4Jude Kinkead1 hr 39m 21s
5Dave Pettigrew1 hr 40m 55s
6Tom Chapman1 hr 45m 48s
7Michael Fay1 hr 55m 08s
8John Argyros
9Robert Christie
10Antony Spencer
Ladies individual
1Kat Crumpler1 hr 23m 05s
2Gillian Howe1 hr 23m 23s
3Natasha Ruscheinski1 hr 25m 54s
4Kay Reddy1 hr 26m 28s
5Tia Beckmann1 hr 31m 21s
6Kim Takeuchi1 hr 45m 58s
7Jenny McCleary2 hrs 10m 18s
1Pacific Dragon1 hr 14m 4s
2Deloitte 21 hr 17m 59s
3Deloitte 31 hr 19m 59s
4Reubels Rebels1 hr 20m 21s
5A Team1 hr 22m 3s
6Pettigrew Power1 hr 25m 28s
7Government house1 hr 30m 51s
8Deloitte 11 hr 35m 19s
9Kinkeads1 hr 36m 50s
10Ogier Litigation Power House1 hr 37m 56s
1Pacific Dragon1 hr 14m 4s
2Deloitte 21 hr 17m 59s
3Russell Crumpler1 hr 19m 44 s
4Deloitte 31 hr 19m 59s
5Reubels Rebels1 hr 20m 21s
6Richard Morgan1 hr 20m 29s
7Adrian Dale1 hr 20m 53s
8A team1 hr 22m 3s
9Kat Crumpler1 hr 23m 05s
10Gillian Howe1 hr 23m 23s
11Pettigrew power1 hr 25m 28s
12Natasha Ruscheinski1 hr 25m 54s
13Kay Reddy1 hr 26m 28s
14Government house1 hr 30m 51s
15Tia Beckmann1 hr 31m 21s
16Deloitte 11 hr 35m 19s
17Kinkeads1 hr 36m 50s
18Ogier Litigators1 hr 37m 56s
19Jude Kinkead1 hr 39m 21s
20Dave Pettigrew1 hr 40m 55s
21Tom Chapman1 hr 45m 48s
22Kim Takeuchi1 hr 45m 58s
23Michael Fay1 hr 55m 08s
24Jenny McCleary2 hrs 10m 18s

“It’s very exciting so see so many new faces competing in our events,” said Antony Spencer, BVI Triathlon Federation chairman.  “I would like to encourage more people to come have a have a go.    A great way to start is join a team and either swim, bike or run, and move on from there. We are going to have a Summer Series of duathlons in June and July using the same Soper’s Hole course with a combination of swim/bike, bike/run, and swim/run races, a perfect introduction to triathlon.”

The BVI Steelman, the crown jewel of the BVI triathlon calendar, will take place on November 16.  The BVI Steelman is an Olympic distance triathlon and the most challenging event on the BVI Triathlon Federation calendar.  It takes place at Beef Island and comprises a 1500 metre swim held in Well Bay, a 25-mile bike leg lapping the road from the airport to the ramparts of Beef Island Bridge, and a six-mile run along the roads and trails of Beef Island.

The current course record of 2:27:03 was set in the 2008 event by Chris Ghiorse and Richard Morgan won the 2012 event with a time of 2 hours, 33 minutes and 24 seconds.

Full results with splits | Photo Gallery


BVITF Youth Development Event 2: Report and Results

The second youth triathlon development event was held at the same time as the adult event.  The 17 children present displayed their talents and enthusiasm for the sport much to the delight of the adult competitors lining up for the National Sprint Championships.

In the first race, the under-8 category which had five competitors, was won by first-time entrant Felix Thorpe.

The second race was a little longer and combined the under-11 and under-14 groups.  There were 7 individuals and 4 teams with Dominic Munro winning in the under-11 group and Sam Childs winning the under-14.

“I loved watching the swim efforts of the two youngest competitors, Katherine Anthony and Sebbie Morgan”, said Chris Ghiorse the youth development director for the BVITF.  “A lot of adults could learn from their determination to swim the whole way.  It was truly inspirational.”

Sandy Spit is an ideal training area for the young aspiring triathletes because there is a large area they can ride and run in without having to worry about traffic.  The swim area is very clean clear water and perfectly flat which makes it easy to encourage jumping in and having a go.

“I am ever so excited in having our 11 year old daughter participate in the youth triathlon events”, said Simone DaBreo. “When Chris invited our family out to the events held last year at Trellis Bay and encouraged our daughter to be involved in the triathlon training being held, to our surprise, she did not hesitate to jump at the opportunity and fell in love with the sport from day one.  My husband and I are thrilled with the way this opportunity has enabled Sheneal to come out of her shell a bit more and we are keen on seeing her develop further in all three areas of the sport.”

On May 4th at 8am there will be a triathlon training session at Sandy Spit in Soper’s Hole.  For more youth triathlon information please contact Chris Ghiorse at 542-1981 or [email protected].

RESULTS for Event 2 Youth Development Triathlon 20 April 2013

Under-8 individual
1st       Felix Thorpe                (boy)
2nd      Noah Cottreau            (boy)
3rd       Hannah Bridson         (girl)
4th       Sebbie Morgan            (boy)
5th       Catherine Anthony finished with a swim-run-run.  She was too small to ride any of the available bikes.

Under-11 individual
1st       Dominic Munro            (boy)
2nd      Bradford Green            (boy)
3rd       Lawton Green               (boy)
4th       Floriana Christie          (girl)
5th       Greg McConnell           (boy)

Under-11 relay
1st       Bradford Green-Jake Hallet (bike-run)
2nd      Lawton Green-Dominic Munro-Luca Reich

Under-14 individual
1st       Sam Childs                  (boy)
2nd      Charlotte Mason       (girl)

Under-14 relays
1st       Nicole Munro-Tallulah Kinkead (bike-run)
2nd      Sam Childs-Sheneal Dabreo (bike-run)