New national champions after National Sprint Champs on Saturday

Richard Morgan

Richard Morgan – 2012 National Sprint Champion

Richard Morgan was crowned the Men’s BVI National Sprint Champion on Saturday after completing the sprint triathlon in one hour, 18 minutes and 9 seconds.  He beat second-placer Adrian Dale by one minute and 26 seconds; Peter Wilmott was third.

Kay Reddy is the Ladies BVI National Sprint Champion after completing her swim, bike and run in one hour, twenty-six minutes and 2 seconds, beating Natasha Ruscheinski, and obliterating by 4 minutes and 46 seconds, last year’s winning time set by Carolina Pettigrew who did not defend her title this year.

The event took place at Sandy Ground boatyard, Sopers Hole, and consisted of a 750m swim, 20km ride to Struggling Man’s Cafe in Sea Cow’s Bay and back, followed by 5km run to Big Ben’s Superette and back.

Defending men’s champion, Chris Ghiorse, competed despite his lack of training and fitness and while posting a less than stellar performance, can seek solace that Morgan was short of his time last year by 4 minutes and 33 seconds.  However, Richard Morgan – together with Peter Wilmott and Kay Reddy – is preparing for the St Croix Ironman 70.3 next weekend: “The time was always going to be slow when I have got a half ironman the following weekend and there was no need to go to fast.”

Team Splash with Tash (Natasha Ruscheinski, Alston Hanley and Ludvig Bergkvist) scooped the team title posting a time of one hour and 12 minutes, beating Vicious Delicious (Tia Beckmann, Orano Andrews and Melvyn Knight and Tri Hard (Natasha Ruscheinski, Allison Beer and James Carr).

Eight men, two ladies, and six teams competed in the event.  Antony Spencer was the fasted swimmer with a time of 11 minutes and 38 seconds, Orano Andrews rode the fastest bike leg at 32 minutes and 20 seconds, and James Carr was the fastest runner with a time of 20 minutes and 39 seconds.

Last year Chris Ghiorse won the individual men’s, Carolina Pettigrew the individual women’s, and MSZ the team competition.  Ghiorse and Pettigrew recorded times of 1:13:36 and 1:30:48 respectively.

Next event on the BVI Triathlon calendar is the Anegada X-Treasure Tri on October 21.

Kay Reddy

2012 Ladies BVI National Sprint Champion


Mens Individual Time


Richard Morgan 1 hr 18m 09s


Adrian Dale 1 hr 19m 35s


Peter Wilmott 1 hr 21m 18s


John Argyros 1 hr 22m 14s


Peter White 1 hr 26m 54s


Chris Ghiorse 1 hr 35m 11s


Tom Chapman 1 hr 52m 20s


Jovan van Heerden 2 hr 17m 04s
Ladies Individual


Kay Reddy 1 hr 26m 02s


Natasha Ruscheinski 1 hr 29m 44s


Splash with Tash 1 hr 12m


Vicious Delicious 1 hr 15m 5s


TriHard 1 hr 15m 27s


Desperate Housewives 1 hr 15m 41s


Jaendri’s Jackals 1 hr 24m 37s


Debbie does Des 1 hr 31m 47s