Ghiorse, Pettigrew and MZS top 2011 National Sprint Champs

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Keeble Mcdonald of Government House, tagged by swimmer Jenny McCleary

Keeble Mcdonald of team Government House, tagged by swimmer Jenny McCleary

Chris Ghiorse won the individual men’s, Carolina Pettigrew the individual women’s, and MSZ the team competition, in the 2011 National Sprint Champs held on Sunday June 12, out of the Sandy Ground Boatyard at West End.  Ghiorse and Pettigrew recorded times of 1:13:36 and 1:30:48 respectively in the sprint distance event with a 750m swim, 20k ride and 5 km.  Antony Spencer, last year’s champion, was a mere 19 seconds behind Ghoirse having closed the gap on the run after Ghiorse finished the bike ride with a gap of one minute and 23 seconds.

Chris G enters transition area

Chris G enters transition area

The 750m swim took place in Soper’s Hole, the 20k ride headed to Struggling Man’s Cafe in Sea Cow’s Bay and back, and the 5k ride saw the runners heading to Big Ben’s Superette and back.  The race will start at 7.30am.

Team MZS made up of Martine Allee, Sally Blackmore and Zebalon McLean posted a strong time of  1:11:40 with Zebalon putting in a very fast run time of 21 minutes and 16 seconds.  Second and third placers Ogier Championship and Ogier Premier also fielded strong teams with Ogier Championship was only 16 seconds behind MZS.  In the inter-Ogier battle, the cyclists (Gareth Thomas and Orano Andrews) were matched, Premier’s swimmer (Belinda Boyd) was faster but Championship’s runner (Rachel Macdonald) was faster.

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