Smuggler’s Cove Aquathon:  Saturday, September 24th
Brewer's Bay Aquathon: Sunday, October 16th
Peter Island-Athlon: Saturday,  November 19th

Each event will have two distance options, but those competing for national champion glory must complete the longer course.

Short Course is 2 legs: 400 metre swim/1 mile run.  Open to individuals only.

Long Course is 4 legs: 800 metre swim/2 mile run/800 metre swim/2 mile run.  Open to individuals and teams (any number in a team up to a total of 4 persons)



Place points (all events count, no discards)

1st – 16
2nd – 12
3rd –  9
4th – 7
5th – 5
6th – 4
7th – 3
8th- 2
9th – 1

Standings After 2 Events


1Rachel Mayo-Smith91625
2Kay Reddy121224
3Tash Ruscheinski16016


1Antony Spencer121628
2Adrian Dale91221
3Mickey Ennis16016
4Ray Wearmouth707
5Gary Salter505

Brewer's Bay Aquathon Results

  TOTAL TIMESwim 1 timeRun 1 TimeRun 1 FinishSwim 2 timeSwim 2 finishRun 2 timeRun finish
#Mens Long Course
1Antony Spencer61:32:0013:0514:4830:03:0014:32:0044:35:0015:00:0061:32:00
2Adrian Dale67:05:0016:1614:5932:41:0018:09:0050:50:0014:50:0067:05:00
Ladies Long Course
1Rachel Mayo Smith67:23:0016:1315:4633:37:0017:49:0051:26:0014:40:0067:23:00
2Kay Reddy68:45:0016:0715:5333:36:0017:37:0051:13:0016:05:0068:45:00

Smugglers Cove Aquathon Results

  TOTAL TIMESwim 1 timeRun 1 TimeRun 1 FinishSwim 2 timeSwim 2 finishRun 2 timeRun finish  
#Mens Long Course
1Mickey Ennis58m45s9:3119:1228:43:0011:10:0039:53:0018:52:0058:45:00
2Antony Spencer1hr02m50s10:1722:5533:12:0011:14:0044:26:0018:24:0062:50:00
3Adrian Dale1hr03m11s13:4417:5131:35:0014:18:0045:53:0017:18:0063:11:00
4Ray Wearmouth1hr04m34s12:1118:5331:04:0013:29:0044:33:0020:02:0064:35:00
5Gary Salter1hr05m36s12:4618:3931:25:0014:36:0046:01:0019:35:0065:36:00
Ladies Long Course
1Tash Ruscheinski1hr00m48s9:2620:0729:33:0010:50:0040:23:0020:25:0060:48:00
2Kay Reddy1hr08m11s12:5119:3932:30:0014:09:0046:39:0021:32:0068:11:00
3Rachael Mayo-Smith1hr09m38s14:4019:5134:31:0015:50:0050:21:0019:17:0069:38:00
Short Course
1Sarah Carroll17m20s7:0210:1817:20:00
2Aurelie Legangneux20m01s7:4812:1320:01:00
3Amy Quale20m19s8:1512:0420:19:00
4Chris/Owen Graham20m32s8:5111:4120:32:00
5Michael Fay21m30s7:4013:5021:30:00
6Cat Hunter22m42s9:2313:1922:42:00
8Nicole Toppin24m13s10:0714:0624:13:00
1Kim & Mark53m22s10:3115:1325:44:0011:05:0036:49:0016:33:0053:22:00
2Andy & Derek57m06s11:4615:2927:15:0012:51:0040:06:0017:00:0057:06:00
3Shelly & Kendra59m20s12:3516:1128:46:0013:02:0041:48:0017:32:0059:20:00
4Gillian & Anna67m45s14:2718:2232:49:0015:13:0048:02:0019:43:0067:45:00

National Sprint Champs Kicks Off 2019 Season

April 18, 2019

After a Hurricane Irma induced “Gap Year” the BVI National Sprint Championship returned on a new course on Beef Island.

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Mitchell & Ruscheinski Defend National Champ Titles

April 27, 2018

In the 2017 National Sprint Champs, Dan Mitchell and Tash Ruscheinski successfully defended their 2016 mens and ladies titles.  Shane Donovan was second, and Rob Mayo-Smith was third in the mens division.  Cat Ouriach was second in the ladies division.

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Rawlinson & Hunter Win Corporate Cup In TSC Tri

February 11, 2017

Rawlinson & Hunter made a big splash on their debut appearance in the Corporate Cup sweeping to victory nearly 10 minutes faster than the second place team KPMG 1 with last year’s winners Deloitte 1 coming in third. The attendance for this year’s event was spectacular with eight teams in the Cup including previous winners Ogiers and Appleby and a first time appearance from Walkers consisting of team entirely new to triathlon finishing in an impressive fourth place.

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