4 Islands Cup Winners

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The cancellation of the BVI Steelman, the last event of the 2015 BVI triathlon season and the 4 Islands Cup series, resulted in the scores up to the Semi Steel deciding the Series winners for the men, ladies, and kids that competed this year.

Antony Spencer took the mens crown and Tash Ruscheinski, the ladies.  Antony Spencer, on great form until the closing stages of  the season recorded four bullets in the first four events, while Richard Morgan was second to Spencer in every race.  Spencer missed the Semi Steel allowing Morgan to close the gap to four points.  Had the Steelman gone ahead Morgan needed to win, with Spencer placing at least third to lose the crown.  However, the weather gods prevailed and tropical downpours secured Spencer’s victory when the Steelman was cancelled.

Spencer, a confirmed luddite, donated his prize, a Garmin Fenix 3, to Morgan.  Russell Crumpler was award a Garmin Forerunner 920XT, and Gary Slater, fourth in the series, received the third place prize, a Garmin Forerunner 15.  The same prizes were awarded to the ladies.

Ruscheinski’s consistency paid off in the ladies division allowing her to rack up considerably more points than her nearest rivals for an easy series win.

The kids received a range of Trek Bikes.

4 Islands Cup Winners after 5 Events

  1. Antony Spencer – 64 points
  2. Richard Morgan – 60 points
  3. Russell Crumpler – 43 points

  1. Tash Ruscheinski – 44 points
  2. Kay Reddy – 33 points
  3. Jenny McIvor 28 points


Aged 4 to 6
  1. Luke Spencer       50 points
  2. Lilly Smit                40 points
  3. Frank the Tank      35 points
  4. Millie Cottreau       10 points
  5. Charlie Potgieter   10 points 

Aged 6 to 8 
  1. Sebbie Morgan   48 points
  2. Holland Bos          33 points
  3. Xav Morgan          30 points
  4. Sam Potgieter      10 points 

Aged 8 to 10 
  1. Alex Fountain        50 points
  2. Noah Cottreau       33 points
  3. Tai Thomas              16 points
  4. Nicky Haycraft        7 points