4 Islands Cup After 4 events; 3 To Go

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Competition in the Ladies division for the 4 Islands Cup is hotting up.

Kay Reddy catapulted herself back to the top of the leaderboard after competing in the Peter Island-Athlon while her two nearest competitors, Tash Ruscheinski and Jenny McIvor, opted to compete in the Aquathlon instead ceding valuable points to Kay.

However, competition is close with a small point spread. After the first four events, Kay has 33 points, while Jenny and Tash are tied with 28 points each. There are three mores events in the 4 Islands Cup, so the battle for the crown as best female BVI triathlete is still wide open.


The situation in the mens division is a different story with Antony Spencer sporting 64 points to Richard Morgan’s 48.

Having racked up an impressive four bullets to date, if Antony manages to maintain his form over the summer recess, the title should be his. However, he cannot afford to miss any of the next three races in the 2015 season with Richard nipping at his heels and eager to knock Antony off his perch.

Russell Crumpler rounds out the top three men with 27 points.