Ladies Record Falls (Again) In Red Bull BVI X-Tri

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The off-road Red Bull BVI X-Tri, took place in Smuggler’s Cove and Belmont on Saturday, March 21. Carolina Pettigrew, after last competing in and winning this event 8 years ago, roared back to win the ladies division and break the course record set by Kay Reddy’s winning time last year. Kay was second, and Sarah Carroll, third.

Carolina completed the course in 54 minutes and 58 seconds, taking almost three and a half minutes off Reddy’s time. A sweet victory for Carolina, as Kay broke the record she had set in 2006.


Antony Spencer comfortably won the mens division, with Richard Morgan finishing second, and Aaron Gardner third.

Team Three was the top team with husband and wife team of Cayley and Justin Smit swimming and riding, and Liz Ricardo running.


In the second running of the Aquathon, Tash Ruscheinski was victorious for the second year, but Adrian Copaceanou was a scant one minute behind after eroding Tash’s swim time on the run. Jenny McIvor was third.

The three-discipline X-Tri started with a 600m, two-lap swim in Smuggler’s Cove which included a trademark sprint around a Red Bull can on the beach at the end of the first lap. Competitors then embarked on a four-mile bike circuit which saw the cyclists climb the north side of Belmont Drive, and then descend the south side, before heading west around Steele Point and back to Smuggler’s Cove beach. The race finished with a two-mile run along Arawak Drive and back along Palm Drive.

The event’s Aquathon (swim/run) comprised a three-lap, 900-metre swim and two-lap, four-mile run.




4 Islands Cup

In the 4 Four Islands Cup, a new series comprising the seven main events of the 2015 BVI triathlon year, absences and opting to compete in the Aquathon instead of the triathlon shook up the standings.

Kay Reddy knocked Tash Ruscheinski off the top spot and earned herself valuable points from Tash and Jenny McIvor. She leads by five points.

Antony Spencer and Richard Morgan continue their battle for mens supremacy but Antony’s win at the Red Bull BVI X-Tri has helped him gain an eight point lead over Richard. Russell Crumpler who didn’t compete in this event has been knocked from third place by Gary Salter.