Youth Development Event #1 – Report & Results

tri-bvi-youth-dev-1-24On Saturday 25th February, 38 young and enthusiastic competitors made the BVI Triathlon Federation’s (BVITF) first youth development triathlon a success. Children under 15 with interest in any aspect of the triathlon – swim, bike, or run – were encouraged to participate regardless of their individual ambitions.

Five races were held in 80 minutes: three relay heats and two individual heats.

Notably 16 individuals took part in the two age group heats. “With eight individuals going head to head there was a definite feel of real competition; there were some closely contested battles,” said event organiser Chris Ghiorse, BVITF Youth Development Director. BSAFE provided all the equipment to host this free event, while Nanny Cay Resort and Marina’s environs provided the BVITF a great venue to create an exciting safe course for all levels of ability.

“This was a great first event which also enabled us to find some key areas we need to improve for the next race. The turnout and excitement generated is a good indicator of the future of triathlons in the BVI. Thankfully we had plenty of volunteers; BVITF members, Rotaractors, KATS, Ladies of SASS, the Makos Swim Club, Parents, and a Cedar School Community service student all helping, to keep the event safe and fun,” Chris concluded.

The next youth event will be held on Saturday March 17th. The venue has yet to be determined and will be announced shortly.

For more Youth Triathlon information please contact Chris at 542-1981 or [email protected].


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RESULTS for Event 1 Youth Development Triathlon 25 February 2012


Under 8 (names listed based on one individual swimmer Bradford Green tagging 3 riders

1st             Bradford Green (swim-bike-run)                                                     4:52 boy

2nd           Prince David Archer (bike-run)                                                         5:10 all boys

3rd            Nicholas Haycraft (bike) – Gabrielle Jermyn (run)                       5:20 boy – girl

4th            Noah Cottreau (bike-run)                                                                   5:35 all boys


Under 11 Relays (names listed in order of swim-bike-run)

1st             Kaheem Callwoo – Shantel Estrdige – Shaneal DaBreo    3:05 boy – girl

2nd           Nocle Monroe – Tallulah Kinkead  (bike-run)                    3:14 all girls

3rd            Zoë Boyd – Tai Thomas – Gabrielle Jermyn                        3:21 boy – girl

4th            Zoë Boyd – Alex Fountain – Zoë Boyd                                   3:34 boy – girl

5th            Nathan Haycraft (swim-bike) – Prince Archer                    4:19 all boys

6th            Alex Richards – Lucy Mobbs – Alex Richards                      4:25 boy – girl

7th            Careystar Barry (swim-bike) – Abbey Kite                           4:41 all girls

8th            Kadheem Callwood – Tyler Warner (bike-run)                   4:50 all boys


Under 15 Relays (names listed in order of swim-bike-run)

1st             Dekembe Parsons – Layman Johnny – Miguel Nibbs        2:51 all boys

2nd           Amara Phillips – Brionka Helbert – Eleana Phillips           2:54 all girls Makos Swim Club

3rd            Brian Henley (swim-bike) – John Pettigrew                         2:55 all boys

4th            William Richards – Kwamé Prince (bike-run)                      3:37 all boys

5th            Miguel Nibbs – Demoi Hodge – Dekembe Parsons             3:38 all boys



Under 11 Individuals

1st             Liam Blok                                             3:57 boy

2nd           Sam Childs                                           4:03 boy

3rd            Kadeem Callwood                              4:25 boy

4th            Dominic Munro                                  4:28 boy

5th            Kaheem Callwood                              5:06 boy

6th            Lawton Green                                     5:14 boy

7th            Ella Tekeli                                            5:26 girl

8th            Alisha Ayers                                        5:33 girl


Under 15 Individuals

1st             William Richards                                3:06 boy

2nd           Dekembe Parsons                               3:14 boy

3rd            Amara Phillips                                    3:57 girl

4th            Brian Henley                                       4:00 boy

5th            Eleana Phillips                                    4:01 girl

6th            Miguel Nibbs                                       4:20 boy

7th            Brionka Helbert                                  4:41 girl

8th            John Pettigrew                                    4:46 boy