“Tubes” Thompson wins 2009 TRIBVI

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Andrew "Tubes" Thompson

Andrew "Tubes" Thompson

Andrew “Tubes” Thompson took control of the TRIBVI event shortly after the swim course and led all the way to victory in 1 hour 1 minute, 28 seconds last Sunday at Nanny Cay. The event featured an altered course of a 400 meter swim, in the Nanny Cay lagoon. Four charged the course that also included a 12-mile bike from Nanny Cay down to Frenchman’s Cay junction in West End and back to Nanny Cay, and a five-mile run from Nanny Cay to Pockwood Pond and back to Nanny Cay.
Thompson was second out the water behind Adrian Corparlanu, but took the lead during the change over to the bike.

“Adrian had quite a good swim. I think probably the difference is that I don’t wear socks when cycling and he does, but I made sure I put on my woolen socks for the run so it all equaled out in the end,” Thompson told StandPoint.

“I had a lot of fun. It’s probably one of the nicest places in the world to do a triathlon, shame there was not too many people out today, but there was a 10K last week, it is the end of a busy season. Anthony Spencer has an injury, Mark Smith has been racing in Barbados and Chris Ghiorse ran the 10K,” Thompson stated.

Corparlanu recognized his early mistake cost him.

“Swimming is my favourite so it is easier for me to swim…cycling is not one of my strong points. The guys were faster because they have the same suit for the swim…I don’t have a triathlon suit, but that would have saved me a lot of time had I not have to change over,” Corparlanu stated after covering the course in 1 hour 7:27 minutes.

Adrian Dale was third in 1 hour 10:25 minutes, followed by Kay Reddy, who cart-wheeled across the finish line in 1 hour 20:05 minutes.

Dale said nothing much has changed for him as he was the last person out the water.

“Swimming this course makes it quite interesting because I enjoyed the wild life underneath. Running is my best part, but swimming is probably my worst, but it was compensated by the wild life underneath,” Dale stated.

It was the last event for President of the BVI Cycling Federation, David Thomas, who will not contest election slated for December.

“The numbers were small, but I think that it was really good because the four people that showed up were really competitive,” Thomas stated.