First Off-Road Triathlon in BVI

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DSC00956-150x112The first off road triathlon in the BVI, the “BVI X TRI”, took place this weekend down at Smugglers Cove. Eager athletes gathered in the bay early Saturday morning for some extreme off road fun.

Nervous and excited competitors ran from Matt’s bar, then dived and splashed into the pristine waters of Smugglers Cove. Ever enthusiastic Anthony Spencer led the pack to the first buoy closely followed by Karen Natho and Rob Powers.

As the swimmers spread out, the front pack reached the beach, ran out and then ran back in to the water for the second triangular leg.

Spencer held his lead as the dripping triathletes grabbed shoes and hats and with fervor jumped on their mountain bikes.

The cyclists, with gritted teeth, carefully climbed the muddy track up to Steel Point with Philippe Leroy disappearing into the distance at a blistering pace. Through deep dirty puddles the extreme athletes fought on to Belmont and then bravely and precariously rode down the steep loose gravel track back to Smugglers.

Leroy set a leading bike time for team Catch 33, almost 4 minutes faster than second place Mark Smith’s team VISAR.

As mud splattered bikers heroically returned to Smugglers the leaders were already off on the final leg, the X run.

Runners took to the dirt road and climbed back up the brutally steep track to Steel point. Jono Elliot set a record pace for team Cane Garden Surf Legends, with a 13 minute run, but it wasn’t enough to catch team Catch 33’s overall lead.