Smuggler’s Cove Aquathon:  Saturday, September 24th Brewer's Bay Aquathon: Sunday, October 16th Peter Island-Athlon: Saturday,  November 19th Each event will have two distance options, but those competing for national champion glory must complete the longer course. Short Course is 2 legs: 400 metre swim/1 mile run.  Open to individuals only. Long Course is 4 legs: 800 metre swim/2 mile run/800 metre swim/2 mile run.  Open to individuals and teams (any number in a team up to a total of 4 persons)


Day Hour Minute Second

Place points (all events count, no discards)

1st – 16 2nd – 12 3rd –  9 4th – 7 5th – 5 6th – 4 7th – 3 8th- 2 9th – 1

Standings After 2 Events


1Rachel Mayo-Smith91625
2Kay Reddy121224
3Tash Ruscheinski16016


1Antony Spencer121628
2Adrian Dale91221
3Mickey Ennis16016
4Ray Wearmouth707
5Gary Salter505

Brewer's Bay Aquathon Results

  TOTAL TIMESwim 1 timeRun 1 TimeRun 1 FinishSwim 2 timeSwim 2 finishRun 2 timeRun finish
#Mens Long Course
1Antony Spencer61:32:0013:0514:4830:03:0014:32:0044:35:0015:00:0061:32:00
2Adrian Dale67:05:0016:1614:5932:41:0018:09:0050:50:0014:50:0067:05:00
Ladies Long Course
1Rachel Mayo Smith67:23:0016:1315:4633:37:0017:49:0051:26:0014:40:0067:23:00
2Kay Reddy68:45:0016:0715:5333:36:0017:37:0051:13:0016:05:0068:45:00

Smugglers Cove Aquathon Results

  TOTAL TIMESwim 1 timeRun 1 TimeRun 1 FinishSwim 2 timeSwim 2 finishRun 2 timeRun finish  
#Mens Long Course
1Mickey Ennis58m45s9:3119:1228:43:0011:10:0039:53:0018:52:0058:45:00
2Antony Spencer1hr02m50s10:1722:5533:12:0011:14:0044:26:0018:24:0062:50:00
3Adrian Dale1hr03m11s13:4417:5131:35:0014:18:0045:53:0017:18:0063:11:00
4Ray Wearmouth1hr04m34s12:1118:5331:04:0013:29:0044:33:0020:02:0064:35:00
5Gary Salter1hr05m36s12:4618:3931:25:0014:36:0046:01:0019:35:0065:36:00
Ladies Long Course
1Tash Ruscheinski1hr00m48s9:2620:0729:33:0010:50:0040:23:0020:25:0060:48:00
2Kay Reddy1hr08m11s12:5119:3932:30:0014:09:0046:39:0021:32:0068:11:00
3Rachael Mayo-Smith1hr09m38s14:4019:5134:31:0015:50:0050:21:0019:17:0069:38:00
Short Course
1Sarah Carroll17m20s7:0210:1817:20:00
2Aurelie Legangneux20m01s7:4812:1320:01:00
3Amy Quale20m19s8:1512:0420:19:00
4Chris/Owen Graham20m32s8:5111:4120:32:00
5Michael Fay21m30s7:4013:5021:30:00
6Cat Hunter22m42s9:2313:1922:42:00
8Nicole Toppin24m13s10:0714:0624:13:00
1Kim & Mark53m22s10:3115:1325:44:0011:05:0036:49:0016:33:0053:22:00
2Andy & Derek57m06s11:4615:2927:15:0012:51:0040:06:0017:00:0057:06:00
3Shelly & Kendra59m20s12:3516:1128:46:0013:02:0041:48:0017:32:0059:20:00
4Gillian & Anna67m45s14:2718:2232:49:0015:13:0048:02:0019:43:0067:45:00
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